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Jul 24

What are the alternatives to Laser Tattoo Removal?

When a tattoo is done, it is with the intention of being permanent, not with the thought of later removing it. Therefore there are very few safe options for tattoo removal. At LaserYou we have heard of creams being offered to remove tattoos. However this is certainly not a safe option. If the creams are designed to fade or bleach the tattoo they are likely to contain a chemical ingredient which may well burn the skin. For this reason many products for example skin whitening creams are banned or restricted for sale in Europe.

Alternatively you may decide to do what Mel B of the Spice Girls did due to her urgency to simply erase her tattoo – surgical removal! Again this is not an option we would recommend – if only for the obvious reason that you would be removing a part of your flesh.  So this leaves you with the only viable option of laser tattoo removal. It’s not biased that we suggest this treatment but we simply wouldn’t recommend the alternatives for the reasons above. Your first point of call is to have a consultation with a reputable clinic who is using a reputable machine. If you cannot make contact with the manufacturer of the laser machine, ask yourself the question how can I trust the treatment?

We use the PicoSure which is manufactured by Cynosure. It has FDA approval which is very important in terms of safety. Our machine has been sourced directly from the manufacturer and is serviced on a regular basis to ensure it performs to its optimum. In addition, our technicians are trained, insured and experienced at laser tattoo removal.

Having said that, as with any treatment laser tattoo removal isn’t for everyone. You may be a rare case who suffers an allergic reaction, or you simply may not want to go through the process of tattoo removal.

You have the choice to remove your tattoo and you also have the choice to choose the best or safest option for that treatment. Research and choose well.

Jul 23

Tattoo Removal on Diabetics

On diabetic patients, healing may be compromised, for that reason you will need your doctors approval before undergoing treatment.

In terms of caution, being a diabetic patient is classed as (strong) cautionary. However as the severity of a diabetic condition differs from person to person, treatment suitability should be assessed on a case by case basis taking into account: if the patient’s condition is well-controlled, healing ability, propensity to develop infection and depending on the location and style of tattoo. Safety is paramount at LaserYou so a diabetic patient must consult their GP and get approval in writing, then be referred to the clinics insurers. Laser Tattoo Removal is less likely to be approved on a patient with type 1 diabetes.

Jul 22

Can the PicoSure laser be used on Raised Tattoos?

A raised tattoo is fairly common – essentially it is where the tattoo does not appear flat but rather it appears inflamed and swollen.  There can be many reasons for a tattoo to be raised including an allergic reaction – this is rare but most common with red inks although they would usually present as consistently itchy as well. Laser tattoo removal will not usually be recommended in these situations and a dermatologist should determine the best course of action including excision.

More commonly raised tattoos are correlated with a heavy-handed application technique associated with scar tissue forming and along with excess volume of ink.

Some tattoos are reported to temporarily raise up and possibly itch in conjunction with exposure to extremes of temperature, dehydration, heightened histamine reactions to hayfever for example, and even sun exposure etc.

Laser tattoo removal with the PicoSure is possible on raised tattoos and it is fine to proceed in treating raised tattoos unless an allergic reaction is suspected, in which case laser tattoo removal is not usually recommended and a dermatologist should determine the best course of action including excision. At LaserYou, our technicians are trained medical professionals. Come and see us at a free consultation so that we may assess your raised tattoo.

Jul 22

5 things to remember when preparing for your laser tattoo removal appointment

  1. If your tattoo is covered with a lot of hair, then it may be best for you to shave the hair first. This is especially so for a man having tattoo removal on an area where there is a lot of hair. While it is not essential for us to have the area hair-free, we may ask if we can shave that area in order to better see the tattoo. At LaserYou we use disposable razors so there is no risk of cross contamination or infection. However you may prefer to trim the hairs instead at home, and for that reason it is best to prepare in advance.
  2. Wear loose clothing. After we laser the area, we will apply a dressing and possibly also a bandage. For this reason it is best to wear loose clothing which is easy to remove if need be and put back on without causing friction to the dressing. For a foot or ankle tattoo it is especially important to wear open shoes so as not to disturb the dressing or bandage. You may want to bring a pair of flip-flops.
  3. If you need to be distracted while having your treatment, you could bring a set of headphones and listen to music while having treatment done. 
  4. Make sure you are not tanned from the sun or have applied to fake tan or have been under a sunbed. We cannot treat tattoos with the laser on tanned skin.
  5. Let us know if your medical condition has changed. We cannot use the laser if you are taking certain medications or if you are pregnant.

You do not need to bring anything specifically for your treatment; at LaserYou, we supply a professional goggles to wear while undergoing Laser tattoo removal. 

Jul 18

Smart Tattoos

Advances in technology never cease to amaze us. Scientists have now developed smart tattoos – ones that will actually monitor your blood sugar levels and will change colour as a way to warn you. So your tattoo can be a form of art as well a life saver! Read this article for more information:

Jul 09

Safety and Laser Treatment

Safety in Laser Treatment is so important.

 A new client expressed surprise when we asked her to wear safety goggles while undergoing laser treatment for tattoo removal. She explained that at her previous clinic she was only offered a blindfold to cover her eyes while the laser was being used! This is probably one of the more shocking stories we have heard. A laser machine is a high-tech, high powered piece of equipment which needs to be taken seriously and professionally. The direct beam and reflections from the laser can cause serious damage to the retina of the unprotected eye. Damage to the eye can occur from exposure to laser which could cause retinal burns and impair the vision.

Protective eyewear must supplied by the clinic and used by everyone in the laser room. For this reason we have strict rules at LaserYou. We do not allow children into the lasering while the laser is being operated. In addition everyone in the later room has to wear safety goggles while the laser is in operation.

It is not enough to simply wear UV sunglasses. The laser goggles must be must be compliant with the laser machine and CE marked in order to provide protection against accidental exposure to the Laser. At LaserYou, our safety goggles are supplied by the manufacturer and fully safety compliant for use.
Always check if your clinic / laser technician are safety compliant. Ask them if they provide safety goggles which are compliant with laser machine for laser tattoo removal.