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Dec 26

General guidelines for Professional Laser Hair Removal

Skin Types that can be treated:
All the skin types can be treated on all body areas on men and women.
NB: Clients who have a recent suntan must wait at least a month before starting treatment.
Hair Type: Clients with Black, brown and dark hair will benefit the most from laser removal, with lasting results.
Clients with Light Blond or White can experience a temporary loss of hair for three months.

Number of Treatments Needed: Temporary Hair removal is commonly achieved in a single treatment. Long-term hair reduction varies between clients – depending on the strength of hair and growth. Typically 6 to 8 treatments are required to achieve lasting hair reduction
Darker skin types will need more treatments – partly due to the strength of the hair.

Treatment intervals:
The first and second treatment will need to be one month apart. Treatment thereafter can then be one / two months apart depending on the individual’s body and hair growth cycles.

Clients that who can’t have Laser hair removal:
If Pregnant or breastfeeding.

Active infections: e.g cold sores (clients need to be clear for a month prior to treatment and have anti viral medication pre treatment )
Clients with a tattoo and or those with permanent make up
Use of medication e.g antibiotics
Clients who have had electrolysis, waxing or plucking in the last 4 weeks

Dec 19

Will i Regret my Tattoo?

As tattoo removal experts we see a large variety of tattoos of all sizes, colours and on all locations. There is no doubt that most clients never considered they would have to undergo laser tattoo removal. From our experience the most common reasons for wanting a tattoo removed are:

  1. Poor design / bad tattoo – The design did not meet their expectations. A way to avoid this would be to ensure you research your tattooist and take a look at their portfolio. Don’t assume that they will produce the design that you want but instead get a stencil made up. (At LaserYou, for example we have seen a number of clients who have had country maps tattooed on them which are not realistic)! And why not have a temporary tattoo done first with henna or a transfer to see if you will truly like the design.
  2. They’ve outgrown the tattoo. At the time a non-personal tattoo seemed like a good idea for example a butterfly or a flower. In the end the tattoo simply did not have any significance and had to go
  3. The tattoo was too personal. It was the name of their favourite football club or the name of an ex. Allegiances change and unfortunately the tattoo simply isn’t relevant today 
  4. The tattoo is not socially acceptable in their workplace or for their family. A commercial pilot required laser tattoo removal for a forearm tattoo. Even though it was covered up it was visible under his white shirt. Another client entering the navy had to have the large neck tattoo dedicated to his daughter removed. Clients returning to work in Poland and Japan felt their tattoos would not be acceptable hence the decision to remove.
  5. The tattoo was visible. Of course it doesn’t make sense to have a tattoo if you don’t want to show it off but there may come a time when you would be grateful the tattoo can be hidden. A client with a wedding finger tattoo of her former partner felt it was ruining her life; it was a constant reminder of her past – if only she had the tattoo on a less visible body area!Ultimately laser tattoo removal is the best and safest option for tattoo removal.
    At LaserYou, we offer a free consultation with our qualified and experienced laser technicians. We will also perform a patch test on the tattoo for free. If its your time for change, come and see us!