Monthly Archives: September 2020

Sep 17

Treating the parts of a tattoo with no ink

As your laser tattoo removal treatment progresses, you will find that there will be some ink which disappears. In that case we will not keep going over the same area. We only treat the parts where there is actual ink colour. Where there is no visible ink there is no point in us treating that area as it may lead to hypopigmentation.

Sep 02

The problem with Slow Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has always been innovating an improving – from the time when laser hair removal was only for professional use, to home laser. Its a bit like dial up verses broadband. A slower laser is most likely using old technology- if it has just 1 wavelength, it is NOT suitable for ALL skin types. How about a Diode laser hair remover? At one stage many years ago it may have been considered the “gold standard” in laser hair removal by a few practitioners. Not anymore. One of the biggest drawbacks with a Diode laser is that you need to target each hair section so it will take you about two hours to complete leg hair removal. In addition the diode only has one wavelength so it is not suitable for light or dark skins. Many clinics have used Diode lasers however technology is always improving and there is now a better alternative which is the Soprano Titanium with three wavelengths making it suitable for all skin types. Also a bigger hand piece and and in motion technology means it works much much faster. Legs can take under half the amount of time when you compare it with a diode laser.

Bear in mind, the purpose of the laser is simply to weaken the hair follicle and that can be achieved with a fast laser like the Soprano Titanium using its 4cm spot size. It can also be achieved with older laser technology but you WILL need more treatments so in the long run you will need more treatments!