A Client’s Experience with Laser Hair Removal

Jan 29

There are many different laser machines when it comes to laser hair removal. My experience has been one which surprised me as I’ve stayed away from laser hair removal due to the fact that I have dark skin and I was sceptical about how painful it could be. My treatment is currently done using the Soprano Titanium laser which can be used on dark / black or Asian skin. Bear in mind not all machines are suitable to use on dark skin.

From my experience the moment I laid on the treatment bed and the gel applied (the gel helps with the gliding of the machine) It took only 200 seconds (roughly 3.30min) to treat each underarm. The pain threshold is what surprised me most. The skin will start to feel warm and almost prickly but because the soprano has a cooling mechanism it makes it very comfortable. This being second treatment, it has been a week since the treatment and haven’t yet needed to shave so I can definitely start to see progress. Coming from someone who thought they couldn’t have laser hair removal due to dark skin, I’m very impressed and can’t wait to continue with the journey.


About the Author

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