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Nov 04

Will tattoo laser treatment cause scarring?

At LaserYou we use a professional laser tattoo machine operated by medical professionals. In fact our machine is one of the most advanced laser tattoo removal machines available and our technicians follow a medical code of practice. All of this means, there should not be any scarring caused by the laser machine, although as with any procedure there is always a slight risk – this is more likely to occur if aftercare instructions are not followed. Note, any existing scars will remain following laser treatment.

Sep 25

Tattoo Blowout

If your tattoo artist has been a bit heavy-handed with the needle or perhaps they were inexperienced, the result may be not quite what you expected – extra shading around the edge of the tattoo. Commonly this is referred to as tattoo blow out or tattoo bleeding. Essentially it is the ink is running beyond the design. So it looks a bit like extra shading around the tattoo, which is not what you wanted. Fortunately the ink in the tattoo blowout is quite faint. This makes it a lot easier for the laser machines to break down the ink.

So if you want to get rid of tattoo blow out/bleeding book your free consultation with us and take that first step to achieving the tattoo you wanted.–

Sep 03

How many treatments do I need to get rid of my tattoo?

This is no doubt the most commonly asked question at our clinic. Is also the question which is the most difficult to respond to. Take two people with exactly the same tattoo done by the same artist with the same ink on the same body area. When treated they may well experience very different results. This is mostly down to the fact that it is the individual’s circulation that plays a big part in tattoo removal. Remember, it is the laser machine that breaks down the ink, but it is the body that eliminates the ink. The good news is that with the PicoSure laser (by Cynosure) the amount of treatments required is a lot fewer when compared to other non-picosecond lasers. We have clients who have had non pico treatments at other clinics, sometimes 10- 20 sessions and the tattoo persists; either the results are too slow or they have been left with some colour which just won’t shift. This is simply down to the machine not having the capability. So there is no concrete answer to your question! What we can show you is a cross range of tattoos we have treated. To date the PicoSure is the most advanced laser so it is your best chance at getting complete tattoo removal. Take a look at this current client: six treatments and it’s almost gone.

Aug 29

How to Stop the Itching after Laser Hair Removal

It is a perfectly normal reaction for the skin to itch after laser hair removal. Certain areas might be more sensitive than others e.g. the bikini line area or legs. In particular if you have also suffered from ingrown hairs it may be those areas which are particularly itchy. 

It is extremely important you do not scratch the area as this may result in scarring. Instead, ensure to use a product to help calm the skin and promote healing. Sudocream has been particularly useful at this as it contains zinc. This is the more cost-effective solution. You can also combine this or instead use After Inked lotion which is used after procedures like tattoo removal where the skin can flareup. After Inked is a high-quality formulation which will ultimately promote rapid healing – just what you need after laser hair removal. You should find that the skin calms down within a week of the treatment. If however the itching persists consult with your laser practitioner or pharmacist.

Aug 26

Under 18 Laser Tattoo Removal

Recently our boiler repairman told us the story of how his son got his tattoo. It was a family holiday in Spain, and on the last evening, a lively crowd had gathered at the hotel bar. Turns out they were admiring the brand new Spanish bull tattooed on his 17 year old sons hide. He laughs now – it’s still there 5 years later. 

It is illegal to tattoo young people under the age of 18 under UK law. Even with parental consent, in the UK is is illegal for anyone to have a tattoo under 18. In Spain the regulations are different. But what is the age allowed for laser tattoo removal treatment in the U.K? At LaserYou, we treat adults aged 18 and over. Anyone under 18 requiring treatment will need parental consent.

So if your child comes back from Magaluf with a tattoo, with your consent, they can have laser tattoo removal. Just ensure the tattoo is at least 6 weeks old as the tattoo must be fully healed before we can treat it.

Aug 23

I want the cheapest tattoo removal

Whatever service you are looking for it makes sense to shop around. So you may be looking for a roofer, plumber, mechanic. Why not call around and get some quotes? What is important to remember is to get a like-for-like quote.

How does this work for tattoo removal? 

It is true that the lasers used for tattoo removal all work in a similar way. At a very basic level of explanation, the lasers work to break down the tattoo ink and it is then your body that works to eliminate the ink via its own natural processes (sweat, urine). This is a simplistic explanation. It is important to know the wavelength at which the machines work. Ultimately what this means is that some lasers will break down the ink into bigger particles while others like the PicoSure will break down the ink into the finest particles. If the ink is broken down into bigger particles, more treatments are needed. 

In essence you may get a quote for £80 to treat a very small tattoo. Our current minimum price at LaserYou is £65 (which is very competitive for the PicoSure Laser). The reality is that with a non-Pico laser you will require more treatments. That is a simple fact. A Q-switch laser focus will require approximately 25-50% more treatments. The maths is therefore simple. Cheapest does not always work out. You will spend more time and more money if you choose a laser which is not a picosecond laser. 

Consider it by using the analogy of cars. All cars are not the same. They may well get you from A to B but the fuel efficiency, time, comfort and spend varies vastly. A mini will perform the same function as a Ferrari but the journey is quite different. Cheapest is not always the best.

Aug 19

Best Aftercare post Laser Tattoo Removal

Following your tattoo removal at Laser You, before dressing the treatment area we apply “AFTER INKED” which is a non petroleum jelly that acts as a non stick barrier and minimises the surgical dressing from sticking to the tattoo treatment area. In addition AFTER INKED provides:

An effective glide barrier against dryness.

Moisturisers and lubricates.Soothes and softens.

AFTER INKED is non allergenic and non irritant.

Following tattoo removal treatments, a majority of clients/ patients remark on how much better and comfortable they feel once the AFTER INKED and surgical dressings have been applied !! Note, After Inked Non Petroleum Jelly is vegan – it is essentially a more high quality version of Vaseline with lots of fantastic ingredients like Grapeseed oil, Coconut Oil, Thyme flower extract….

Aug 14

Breastfeeding and Laser Tattoo Removal

We do not treat pregnant clients, or those who are breastfeeding. You must wait a minimum of 6 weeks after breastfeeding in order to be treated. This also applies to laser hair removal. It is important for a baby who is still in developing stages to not be exposed to a laser.

Aug 13

Pinpoint Bleeding in Tattoo Removal

Pin point bleeding or petechiae as it is medically known is the result of localised injury or trauma to the site of the tattoo removal treatment area. In the case of laser tattoo removal the cause is as a result of tiny superficial blood vessels (capillaries) breaking and leaking into the surrounding skin. There can be many other causes some of which can be more serious requiring medical intervention, but not in the case of tattoo removal. A good example is shown here on a client at LaserYou, who as you can see from the image has experienced some pin point bleeding following his treatment which resolved spontaneously without any treatment.

Jul 24

What are the alternatives to Laser Tattoo Removal?

When a tattoo is done, it is with the intention of being permanent, not with the thought of later removing it. Therefore there are very few safe options for tattoo removal. At LaserYou we have heard of creams being offered to remove tattoos. However this is certainly not a safe option. If the creams are designed to fade or bleach the tattoo they are likely to contain a chemical ingredient which may well burn the skin. For this reason many products for example skin whitening creams are banned or restricted for sale in Europe.

Alternatively you may decide to do what Mel B of the Spice Girls did due to her urgency to simply erase her tattoo – surgical removal! Again this is not an option we would recommend – if only for the obvious reason that you would be removing a part of your flesh.  So this leaves you with the only viable option of laser tattoo removal. It’s not biased that we suggest this treatment but we simply wouldn’t recommend the alternatives for the reasons above. Your first point of call is to have a consultation with a reputable clinic who is using a reputable machine. If you cannot make contact with the manufacturer of the laser machine, ask yourself the question how can I trust the treatment?

We use the PicoSure which is manufactured by Cynosure. It has FDA approval which is very important in terms of safety. Our machine has been sourced directly from the manufacturer and is serviced on a regular basis to ensure it performs to its optimum. In addition, our technicians are trained, insured and experienced at laser tattoo removal.

Having said that, as with any treatment laser tattoo removal isn’t for everyone. You may be a rare case who suffers an allergic reaction, or you simply may not want to go through the process of tattoo removal.

You have the choice to remove your tattoo and you also have the choice to choose the best or safest option for that treatment. Research and choose well.