Feb 10

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

In short, you can certainly feel some form of discomfort during the laser tattoo removal process. This is because the laser is a high energy device which is working to break down the tattoo ink.

Some people liken the treatment to having hot elastic bands flicked onto your skin in rapid succession. However, that should not put you off! We have treated tattoos of all sizes and locations at LaserYou. Some clients find the discomfort acceptable, while others will feel it more. Consider that certain areas will be more painful than others. For example an ankle tattoo where there is a bone or a back tattoo will most likely be more painful than say and arm tattoo. There are a number of things you can do to help minimise the pain.

  1. Ensure your clinic is using a Cyrogenic cooler. This blasts ice cold air onto the skin at the same time that the laser is being used. This will help minimise the discomfort.
  2. In limited cases a numbing cream like Emla might be an option. However this must be approved and administered by the laser therapist so that they can monitor the pain threshold
  3. Prepare yourself. At your first appointment you will have had a patch test. If you have felt pain or discomfort you can mentally prepare yourself and perhaps even put on some headphones to help distract you.
  4. Ask for breaks if need be; Tattoo removal is a very quick procedure however if you have a large tattoo you can certainly ask for breaks

Laser treatment for tattoo removal has come along way. machines like the PicoSure laser are more advanced so They offer the best technology for tattoo removal. Unlike getting a tattoo, the laser will work very quickly on the skin so the upside is the treatment will be very quick.

Feb 08

Can Skin Tags be removed from diabetics ?

Diabetics have a tendency to both bleed and bruise easily depending on the severity of their diabetes. They may find treatment for skin tag removal more uncomfortable than usual and the healing process may be delayed. We have to treat diabetic patients with caution as severe diabetics and those who are insulin dependent will have a higher risk of prolonged bleeding and bruising. Diabetics may also need to wait longer then 12 weeks between treatments. At LaserYou, we use the Plasmapen for Skin Tag removal. Your first appointment is a consultation where we will assess your medical history and then, subject to suitability, we can book your first treatment appointment. It is always recommended to have professional treatment to remove skin tags.

Jan 29

A Client’s Experience with Laser Hair Removal

There are many different laser machines when it comes to laser hair removal. My experience has been one which surprised me as I’ve stayed away from laser hair removal due to the fact that I have dark skin and I was sceptical about how painful it could be. My treatment is currently done using the Soprano Titanium laser which can be used on dark / black or Asian skin. Bear in mind not all machines are suitable to use on dark skin.

From my experience the moment I laid on the treatment bed and the gel applied (the gel helps with the gliding of the machine) It took only 200 seconds (roughly 3.30min) to treat each underarm. The pain threshold is what surprised me most. The skin will start to feel warm and almost prickly but because the soprano has a cooling mechanism it makes it very comfortable. This being second treatment, it has been a week since the treatment and haven’t yet needed to shave so I can definitely start to see progress. Coming from someone who thought they couldn’t have laser hair removal due to dark skin, I’m very impressed and can’t wait to continue with the journey.

Jan 02

Amazing results after my First Few Treatments for Laser Tattoo Removal

 The success of laser tattoo removal is dependent on a number of factors, including the location of the tattoo, the density of the ink and also how healthy you are (in order for the body to eliminate the ink after it has been lasered).  As such, two people with exactly the same tattoo will experience different results following laser tattoo removal.

It may not always be the case, but sometimes exceptional results are seen after the first few treatments. However, It does not follow that further treatments will produce the same results. The reason behind this is quite straightforward. The laser will find it easier to target the ink at the surface. Therefore, often although not always the results are very evident within one or two treatments. As the treatment progresses there is less surface ink to break down. In addition, the more resistant ink still remains. Therefore it appears that progress has slowed down. That is not the case. It is just that the ink easier to break down, has broken down.  It is then simply a case of persevering. Best results are seen with PicoSure laser – it uses the most advanced technology for tattoo removal.

The above client experienced exceptional results after laser tattoo removal at our clinic in Burnham, Slough. Just 3 treatments!

Jan 01

Covid-19 Antibody Test available at LaserYou

As of 2 January 2021 we are now offering antibody testing for Covid-19 at our clinic. This is a quick blood test performed on your fingertip.

An antibody test is a blood test to check if you’ve had coronavirus (COVID-19) before. This test is not widely available yet.Information: 

An antibody test is different to the test to check if you have coronavirus now. You can get a test to check if you have coronavirus now on GOV.UK.

What an antibody test can tell you

An antibody test can tell you if it’s likely you’ve had coronavirus before.

But it does not work for everyone, as some people who’ve had the virus do not have antibodies.

An antibody test does not tell you:

  • if you’re immune to coronavirus
  • if you can or cannot spread the virus to other people


If you’ve had coronavirus, you still need to follow the same social distancing advice as everyone else.

Oct 20

How embarrassing is it to have your bikini area lasered?

One of the most common areas for laser hair removal on women is the bikini area. With this in mind all therapists for the Soprano Titanium Laser will have been given very specific manufacturers training on how best to use the laser on the bikini area. This is all to ensure that the client is comfortable, not embarrassed and the treatment is successful.

Your first appointment for bikini hair removal will be for a consultation where the therapist will ask you to remove your clothing from the waist down so that they can perform a patch test with the laser machine. This is a small treatment on a very small area which is required for insurance purposes. It is also a chance for you to see and assess how the laser works and feels on you. The patch test also serves to assess any post-treatment reactions (which are extremely rare ).

To prepare for your appointment, you should shave the area the night before your treatment. This is because the laser has to be used on shaved skin. While the therapist can shave the area at the appointment, this would be with a disposable razor so it is not the most comfortable shave. In addition it is best to allow a period of time for the skin to calm down after shaving and then have the area lasered.

At your first treatment following the consultation (minimum of 24 hours lapse) the full area will be treated according to your requirements whether it is a Brazilian, Hollywood or extended bikini area. Only a female therapist will treat a female client. Therapists who have undergone the official Soprano training, have been trained in order to perform the treatment in the most comfortable way simply by best positioning you. You can cover your upper body. You may also feel comfortable bringing your own towel in order to cover yourself . Typically the therapist will laser the entire front section of the bikini area. Once that is done, you lay in a half butterfly position to have the inner leg lasered. Finally, to complete your bikini laser hair removal if you are having Hollywood laser, you will be asked to lay on your front and the final small rear section will be lasered.

Oct 02

PlasmaPen now available at LaserYou

The Plasma Pen appears on CBS’s “The Doctors” with Dr Jason Emer MD demonstrating the truly amazing results from the Plasma Pen Fibroblasting treatment. Hear it yourself from top Hollywood doctors!

Build collagen with a non invasive treatment.

The Plasma Pen can be used to treat worry lines, crows feet, upper and lower eyelid wrinkles and so much more.  It can be used to lift the brow, reshape the nose, soften laughter lines, shrink turkey neck and augment the jaw. For facial treatments abut 7 days recovery is needed.


Made in Germany and FDA approved.

Oct 01

Should I blister after laser Tattoo Removal?

Blisters are a normal reaction to tattoo removal, as is redness, especially in the Summer (although you will blister all year round)!

Blistering is a positive indication that the healing process is going as planned, and that the ink is being removed from your body. It is also normal for the blisters to burst, and means that the skin will heal faster.
Some patients may experience bruising or swelling, and many clients develop blisters, crusts or scabs within 8-72 hours, lasting for up to 2 weeks or more. The treated areas may be pale or pink after the scabs separate, and loss of pigment in the treated area may occur temporarily.

It is best to keep the dressing with ointment on and apply Ice packs to help keep cool.

Sep 17

Treating the parts of a tattoo with no ink

As your laser tattoo removal treatment progresses, you will find that there will be some ink which disappears. In that case we will not keep going over the same area. We only treat the parts where there is actual ink colour. Where there is no visible ink there is no point in us treating that area as it may lead to hypopigmentation.

Sep 02

The problem with Slow Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has always been innovating an improving – from the time when laser hair removal was only for professional use, to home laser. Its a bit like dial up verses broadband. A slower laser is most likely using old technology- if it has just 1 wavelength, it is NOT suitable for ALL skin types. How about a Diode laser hair remover? At one stage many years ago it may have been considered the “gold standard” in laser hair removal by a few practitioners. Not anymore. One of the biggest drawbacks with a Diode laser is that you need to target each hair section so it will take you about two hours to complete leg hair removal. In addition the diode only has one wavelength so it is not suitable for light or dark skins. Many clinics have used Diode lasers however technology is always improving and there is now a better alternative which is the Soprano Titanium with three wavelengths making it suitable for all skin types. Also a bigger hand piece and and in motion technology means it works much much faster. Legs can take under half the amount of time when you compare it with a diode laser.

Bear in mind, the purpose of the laser is simply to weaken the hair follicle and that can be achieved with a fast laser like the Soprano Titanium using its 4cm spot size. It can also be achieved with older laser technology but you WILL need more treatments so in the long run you will need more treatments!