General guidelines for Professional Laser Hair Removal

Dec 26

Skin Types that can be treated:
All the skin types can be treated on all body areas on men and women.
NB: Clients who have a recent suntan must wait at least a month before starting treatment.
Hair Type: Clients with Black, brown and dark hair will benefit the most from laser removal, with lasting results.
Clients with Light Blond or White can experience a temporary loss of hair for three months.

Number of Treatments Needed: Temporary Hair removal is commonly achieved in a single treatment. Long-term hair reduction varies between clients – depending on the strength of hair and growth. Typically 6 to 8 treatments are required to achieve lasting hair reduction
Darker skin types will need more treatments – partly due to the strength of the hair.

Treatment intervals:
The first and second treatment will need to be one month apart. Treatment thereafter can then be one / two months apart depending on the individual’s body and hair growth cycles.

Clients that who can’t have Laser hair removal:
If Pregnant or breastfeeding.

Active infections: e.g cold sores (clients need to be clear for a month prior to treatment and have anti viral medication pre treatment )
Clients with a tattoo and or those with permanent make up
Use of medication e.g antibiotics
Clients who have had electrolysis, waxing or plucking in the last 4 weeks


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