I just want a cover-up. Can your laser tattoo removal work for me?

May 30

Many clients do not want to remove their tattoo completely. Instead they are simply looking to lighten the tattoo enough to get it to a stage where it can be covered up.

It is quite possible to achieve a faded tattoo with a laser machine. At LaserYou we use the PicoSure laser which uses the most advanced technology for tattoo removal.  The laser machine works by gradually breaking down the ink blocks which are otherwise resistant to change. It will take years, decades and possibly more than a lifetime to fade a tattoo depending on the type of ink used. That is why a laser machine is the optimum choice for tattoo removal. As the treatments are every eight weeks, the process is a gradual one. Therefore typically clients will see gradual fading of the tattoo ink. Depending on the type and depth of ink, the time it takes to fade a tattoo does vary. Black ink is certainly the easiest colour to break down.

 If you are looking to fade your tattoo, you would simply need to monitor the fading every eight weeks until you get to a stage where your tattoo artist can effectively enable a cover-up on the existing tattoo.


About the Author

Passionately involved in the aesthetic and tattoo removal industry for over 5 years. Championing the use of state-of-the-art laser machines like the PicoSure, Soprano and Plasmapen!