Muslims and Tattoos

Feb 10

Permanent tattoos are frowned upon in the mainstream Muslim community, though there is no direct mention of tattoos in the Quran. Most believe it is a sin because it means altering the body that God gave them and in addition, it involves unnecessary pain by pricking the skin with a needle and placing different dyes to penetrate the skin and remain there permanently. This is considered Haram or forbidden in Islam.

Some argue that tattoos can prevent the validity of prayer and other religious rituals. Some believe that if the body is dirty, the mind can be dirty as well. The religious stigma associated with tattooing is becoming less, but in some, this is still strongly disapproved. The general consensus seems to be that the tattoos are not allowed in Islam -that of course does not stop you getting one! Ultimately, if as a Muslim, getting a tattoo has caused you regret then laser tattoo removal may be your best option!

Wikipedia covers the subject of Islam and Tattoos in great depth – a very interesting read.

Religion, culture and tattoos will forever be at conflict – so it will always come down to personal choice.  Read some stories here.


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