Removing the Ink from a Head Tattoo

May 24

Tattooing the head is fast becoming a choice for men loosing their hair. 
Where traditional tattoo ink has been used to apply colour to the scalp, we can use the PicoSure laser on that area. One of our clients at LaserYou no longer wanted the colour on his scalp as the colour had changed.
Please note using a laser machine on the head can temporarily affect the hair growth within that area – although it is very low risk; The pulse duration is in fact far too short to create a thermal effect required to reduce hair growth in the long term. Contact us for professional advice on tattoo removal.


About the Author

Passionately involved in the aesthetic and tattoo removal industry for over 5 years. Championing the use of state-of-the-art laser machines like the PicoSure, Soprano and Plasmapen!