Skin Tag Removal Clinic

How do you deal with skin tags now the NHS no longer carry out cosmetic procedures? You cannot have your skin tags removed on the NHS as they no longer provide treatments for solely cosmetic reasons. Skin tags normally do not pose a health risk and are generally just unsightly to look at. LaserYou provides a skin tag removal service.

Skin Tag Removal Treatment

The first thing to do is make sure that you have a skin tag. Skin tags are quite common and found in areas of friction. Typically, skin tags occur under the arms, neck, chest, back, groin and the eye area. They consist of epithelial cells and are basically loose fibrous tissue that can be often pigmented and appear darker. Sizes would also vary from as small as grain of uncooked rise to a pea size or bigger. Additionally, the skin tag can appear alone or in clusters.

Skin tag removal by trained surgical nurse.

Skin tag removal is one of the many skin lesions that electrolysis can safely and successfully treat. This is an advanced cosmetic procedure using advanced electrolysis techniques and is a quick and sure way to get rid of the skin tags.

Remove Skin Tags Fast

We remove skin tags quickly. Using a small pre-sterilised disposable probe attached to the needle holder of a Sterex electrolysis machine the practitioner would perform the skin tag removal. Following treatment written after-care advice will be given on how to protect the area undergone treatment.

Safe Skin Tag Removal

Here are a few tips on what we recommend to avoid after skin tag removal:

1) Avoid any cosmetics that would give irritation to the skin;
2) Do not to pull at any scab formation;
3) Do not receive any beauty treatments that would affect the area before it has healed.

The treatment with electrolysis is performed with an electrolysis probe and the experience of the skin tag removal is compared to a quick small sting. As these skin lesions are common there are many that have at least one skin tag and would like to have it removed. So don’t leave the skin tags and feel down when they can be removed without leaving a scar but leaving you with only improved self-confidence.

The cost for skin tag removal is £125. This price covers removal of all the skin tags in one particular area. For example if you have a number of skin tags on your underarm the cost of your treatment will be £125. If however you have an excessive amount of skintags, the price may need to be adjusted. For this reason we offer a free consultation where the pricing will be confirmed before your treatment.