So…Laser Tattoo Removal hasn’t worked for you?

Feb 12

This video says it all. After 2 unsuccessful laser tattoo removal treatments and a new boyfriend, American TV host Adrienne Bailon began the process of removing a tattoo of ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian’s name with the help of Dr. Jeremy Brauer and the PicoSure Laser. So many people wonder why they should choose a more expensive laser treatment when their local tattoo studio may be offering a cheaper service. Surely laser tattoo removal is the same wherever you go?? Well, NO it isnt. There is a simple reason why Pico technology is better: the cheaper lasers have older technology and therefore do not work as well as the PicoSure.

The PicoSure laser is the first major breakthrough in laser tattoo removal in the last 20 years .
All other laser devices are Nano second lasers. So the PicoSure has 1000 times shorter pulse duration -which also means it is 1000 times faster than earlier methods. The PicoSure laser delivers short bursts of energy to the skin in a trillionth of a second. You’re actually shattering the tattoo particle in the fastest possible way, giving you the best option at wiping the slate clean. 

Watch the video:


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