Swelling after Laser Tattoo Removal

Feb 18

We do see swelling /oedema as a normal side-effect to Laser Tattoo Removal. It is fairly instant and can subside just as quickly however it can be more extreme and longer lasting, depending on design and on location. For extremities we recommend elevation whenever possible to reduce this. This is also why we don’t recommend treating large circumferential tattoos without a gap of 7 days. Equally if there is a lot of ink in the design (eg a full sleeve) we will treat the tattoo over a number of different sessions. At LaserYou, we clearly mark out the area to be treated with a white pencil (we use white as the laser does not react to white) and we also take photos of the area to clearly identify the area treated. Note: blistering is also a common side effect to laser.

If you are ever concerned about your treatment and aftercare, do consult with a medical professional. At LaserYou, our technicians are trained medical professionals. Remember it is not just the treatment which matters, it is also the aftercare.


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