Things to Consider before making an appointment for Laser Tattoo Removal

Mar 03

Some Considerations Before Laser Tattoo Removal

1) If you are aged 16 to 18 you will need parental consent. No one under 16 can be treated. 

2) If you have a suntan, it is  best to rearrange your appointment for another 2 to 4 weeks as the laser will not be able to determine the difference between the pigment of the skin and the pigment of the tattoo and unwanted side-effects are very likely. 

The danger of laser tattoo removal treatments too close to active sun-tanning may result in hyper(darkening of the skin) or hypo (whitening of the skin) pigmentation changes. The additional UV light from the sun makes the treatment results unpredictable with the uncontrolled added energy resulting in hyperpigmentation. 

Conversely, having the sun’s UV light in your skin then compounding that with the laser, it will lock onto the ink and the darkened skin and recognizing them both as target pigments to be pulverized. This results in the colour of your skin being left white which could be temporary or even permanent.

To make a long story short, active tanning includes tanning beds. Not to be done 2 weeks either side of tattoo removal.

3) Facial pigmentation is best treated in winter months for this reason, that way you don’t need to lower the settings and can achieve better results. 

The same rules applied to all patch test also.

If you haven’t had a treatment in over a year, you will need to redo the patch test as this is normally required by insurances.

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